One comment on “World War II: Women at War

  1. THIS REPLY IS FROM MY E-MAIL INBOX: I bought a Mosin (Pronounced “mose” as in Moses and then “een” as in Coleen) rifle for Daddy awhile back. It is the same as the one she is using but his is the infantry version with iron sights and a bayonet. They were going for about $125.00 to $200.oo as old WWII surplus. It is an excellent and beautiful rifle. Designed in pre-Soviet Russia in the 1890’s; it doesn’t have that clunky Soviet look to it. In fact it is very slender and graceful with excellent balance and light weight. It has a steel butt plate for breaking skulls, so it is best to shoot it with a shoulder pad, but it doesn’t kick too hard after you do that.

    Snipers were heros for the Russians. They worked in pairs or threes and kept moving, giving the Germans hell, shooting them from as far out as 800 meters- with a weapon that has no more power than a common deer rifle.



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