Tales Of Mystery In Guinarona, III

Anibongpalm's Blog

Ours was a haunted house!

For more than three decades, ours was the biggest house in Guinarona.  It stood regally at the corner of Real (Main) and Aragon Streets.  It was a two-story affair, with all living quarters on the second floor, the first floor being used as a bodega of sorts.  One time the National Irrigation Administration had its offices there.  This was after Father converted the ground floor into a coop for his Texas fighting cocks.

As the story goes, people would skip our corner because a kapre (giant) would park himself beside our house, puffing away at a big cigar.  We knew he was there during moonlit nights as a consequence of chickens cackling like mad.  But being inside, you could not really make heads or tails of the kapre.  But the smell–that smell of mud, that reeked all over! Besides, we would be scared shitless to…

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