A Guinarona Story (1)

Development templates for Guinarona

Stories are a large make up of our being. So much so, that the quality of the stories one hears or tells can make a difference between achieving and failing. Or so says modern psychology.

Guinarona of the Philippines has so many stories: macabre, benign, supernatural–name it. This one is about Queenie, who holds fort in Kauranan, on the slopes of Mt. Lubi, six kilometers from Guinarona. Queenie is so vain that she has her visage imprinted on a rock in Kauranan.

Our psychic friend, Herb Howell, has channeled Queenie, which goes:

I see you coming down the bluffs, carrying some such bag, which looks heavy. What are in it? Your two female companions are in your wake, and they look nonchalant. Maybe they are from an exotic place far from Leyte? I wouldn’t say they are arrogant, but noisy they are.

I caused the rain to stop a while…

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