A Guinarona Story (2)

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. . . And They Dabbled in Sorcery Too!

Not one of us saw them alive. From what we’ve heard, they were the richest in Leyte, Philippines back in the day. But they died of a broken heart because the properties that they garnered through the sweat of their brow and their meticulousness–their being chipipay even–more than 100 parcels of land–had been bid off by the government. As in trust gone berserk.

San Pascual Baylon de Guinarona Documentary.avi from Benito Maray on Vimeo.

And the lesson not lost on us is that trust is okay, but too much of it will kill you. Especially if the beneficiary of that trust has a dark motive, to begin with.

Guaco was his name, and he stole into our grandparents hearts by introducing himself as a blood relative. Bringing unsolicited gifts, doing errands and what not. He was into petroleum products–and he…

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