The Colors of Christmas 2012

While much of the USA has suffered blizzards,  most nights and some days
have remained below freezing, even here in the River Swamp of the Saint Mary’s
River which forms the North East portion of the state line between Georgia and
Florida.  The weather warmed up enough Christmas Eve, and Day for  my
 Camellia’s to bloom. Multi-layered petals, more like Roses, but with no
thorns, and bright yellow stamens. Both deep red and pink flowers bloomed.  The
colors of winter in the swamp are ethereal silvers and mystic grey.  The
surprise weather changes offers visual focus with the sudden out of season blooming
of Azaleas and Camellias.  However, this Tricky Coyote Weather does not fool the
wild Azalea.
I wish you all a Safe and Happy New Year.

2 comments on “The Colors of Christmas 2012

  1. desertrose says:

    Thank you and you also dear Lady. May the New Year be filled with Love , Health and Happiness!



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