The Na Pali Coast

Christopher Martin Photography

One of my favourite places on Earth is Ke’e Beach at the end of the road on Kaua’i’s north shore.  The road ends at the beach and from there the Na Pali coast begins.  The beach has been a great location for swims with my kids, snorkelling with my parents, a visit with a beautiful monk seal while the wild coastline has always provided a spectacular background to it all as well as wonderful times spent hiking and sailing with my wife.

The Na Pali - © Christopher Martin-2539

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Last year, I photographed the coastline in the late evening with the waves crashing onto the first cliff face.  One of the images from that time on the rocks was one of my favourite landscapes in 2011 and was well-regarded in a National Geographic photo contest.  Whenever I’m at Ke’e, I keep an eye…

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5 comments on “The Na Pali Coast

  1. sachemspeaks says:

    Greetings my friend Granny, thank you for your kind reply.
    Grandfather Walkingfox is getting up in age (71) and many have forgotten many things, this I offer for an excuse for missing to mention someone that must be so close to you?
    Alas Granny I cannot find that person in your first letter so that I may pray for their forgiveness?
    Receiving a spiritual prayer name is such a monumental achievement that I do not wish to down play it in any way!
    I pray that Creator and your ancestors will except a strong heart with a weak mine as this excuse? AHO
    Sachem Walkingfox


    • Grandfather
      There is not a problem. And indeed you must have a strong heart to realize just what my question was!
      Thank you for all that you have done.
      A Ho!! We are ALL relatives


  2. sachemspeaks says:

    Blessing from Creator to you friend Granny, alas NO, I am not Fire Fox?

    I did know of a Two Feathers and a young lady called Weasel however, not sure, Fire Fox, sorry.

    Remember, I have been on the powwow trail off and on for many years and can no longer remember everyone and would love to meet anyone?



    A Ho Walking Fox Are you the same young man who was once called Fire Fox, had a sweet-heart named Two Feathers? AQnd helped my to find the name Sees Afar, and introduced me to Weasel? Please reply, when it is convenient to my WordPress blog. Tank you fo all you have done—- Granny on Native American Wedding Ceremony (Traditional).


    • I greet you Walking Fox,

      Hope this post find you you and those you care for, well and content.
      Your reply interesting. There are so very many parallels, revealed in your blog and your reply, between you and the person, whom I thought you might have once been.
      I edited our posts, out of courtesy for the person, whose name is ommited. Thank you so very much for the reply. This Earth we live on, and with, sure is an intriguing place!




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