Santa Fe Trail – Pecos Ruins


Mission Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles de Pecos

September of 1839 Matthew C. Field, a journalist travelling in northern New Mexico, spent the night with a Dr. David Waldo in the Pecos church about 18 miles east of Santa Fe. His article about the “dilapidated town called Pecus,” soon appeared in the New Orleans Picayune.

“The houses now are all unroofed,” he wrote, and the walls crumbling. The church alone yet stands nearly entire, and in it now resides a man bent nearly double with age, and his long silken hair, white with the snow of ninety winters, renders him an object of deep interest to the contemplative traveler. The writer with a single American companion once passed a night in this old church, entertained by the old man with a supper of hot porridge made of pounded corn and goat’s milk, which we drank with a shell spoon from…

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