Below are links to a piece of music, with lyrics.

Korpiklaani is a Finnish band. This song Kunnia, I found when looking for something else,
entirely, but this is what I really, underneath, was looking for . It isn’t the prettiest or best piece of
music, nor even the most lyrical of lyrics. Perhaps that makes it even more right, for the present. It
is the one that answers some questions that have been asked of me, recently. Perhaps, if someone is
asking you “Is it worth it, to live, at all?” or “Why keep on fighting?” This might help. Especially
a young person.

This song is for courage. To fight the despair many of us feel. This song is for now.
Not all soldiers and warriors are enlisted, and not all swords are made of metal.
Courage is everywhere. Around us, always, the Prayer Warriors are at work. Their
courage and discipline is as important as physical strengths and skills, the courage of
individuals to do what one KNOWS is right, even against the criticism of, or disapproval
or outright persecution from, even those who are also loved, is courage. Doing the best
one can, and a little bit more, daily, is courage. Suffering loneliness to achieve goals
that better one’s ability to do good, that enhance the beauty and joy of life, that lessen
the pain and misery of, and for, those who are vulnerable, no matter how many legs they
have, or how old or young they are, is courage. Suffering loneliness and heartbreak to make it possible
for loved ones and children to achieve their best selves is courage. Surviving and caring for those
one loves day in and day out, and through all of the nights, is courage, in a constant battle.

Facing unknown enemies requires the same courage as facing known enemies.

Living, at all, is for many, winning a battle against unknown enemies. The strength of soldiers
and warriors who were able to have fought and sustained victories over terrible enemy forces
have made it possible for these other aspects of courage to be. That blood battles have been
fought in our behalf, already, most, but not all, before most of us, were born, makes it imperative that we
fight and continue to fight, all of our wars, in all of the monstrous forms, private and public, that
seek to destroy the good and beauty and joy of life, and those forces which seek to dominate and control
our bodies our personal freedoms and our rights.

We must.

Thank you for all that you have done.

English lyrics

Finnish lyrics

With English lyrics:

by korpiklaani



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